2022 NUBE Conference Recordings

13th Annual National Update on Behavioral Emergencies Conference (NUBE)
December 8 – 9, 2022

Scottsdale, Arizona

The National Update on Behavioral Emergencies, or NUBE, is the only conference in the country to address the behavioral emergencies in the acute care setting including emergency departments and PESs. 

Approximately 50 session recordings and handouts are available, and most are only 15 minutes long.

For the full agenda, including session descriptions, click here.

(CEs are not awarded for these recorded sessions)

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Course Details

Thursday, Dec. 8th, 202208:06:00
Welcome Remarks 00:17:00
Preparing Emergency Medicine Physicians to Lead Behavioral Health Crisis Care through Innovation and Fellowship Training 00:19:00
Emergency Education: Using the Field to Create Better Professionals! 00:20:00
Where is the home for emergency psychiatry? 00:15:00
Panel Discussion: Profession/Trainings 00:15:00
Update on 988, the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 00:27:00
National Trends in Prehospital BH Emergency Response: 988, Policing Reform, and the Roadmap to the Ideal Crisis System 00:26:00
Panel Discussion: Crisis System/988 00:09:00
The Tried, the True, and the Yet to Come: Contemporary Landscape of Substances of Abuse 00:20:00
Approaches and Practices to School Threat Assessment 00:30:00
Decision Fatigue in the Emergency Psych Provider 00:30:00
Panel Discussion: Wellness 00:16:00
AAEP Business Meeting 00:18:00
A Bronx Tale: The Secrets to How a Safety Net Inner-City Resource-Challenged ED Handles a High Volume of Behavioral Emergencies Safely, Efficiently and Humanistically 00:21:00
Innovative Approaches to Suicide Prevention in the Ed ED 00:19:00
Ideal Crisis System: Lessons from Arizona 00:22:00
Impacts on Clinical Outcomes and ED Practice Patterns of an Embedded EmPATH in a High-Volume Suburban Hospital ED 00:20:00
Expanding Community Crisis Care during COVID-19: Culture Shifts & Creative Solutions 00:19:00
Now Part of FGI! -- Everything You Need to Know about the New Federal Guidelines on Hospital-Based Behavioral Health Crisis Units 00:40:00
Bringing 'Value' to Emergency Practice 00:23:00
Scientific Session: Depression/Suicide Risk/SUD/Peds 01:00:00
Friday, Dec. 9th, 202205:49:00
Chief Complaint: I'm Suicidal 00:20:00
Future Planning in Risk Assessment 00:21:00
A Special Consideration in Suicide Screening 00:20:00
When the Call Is Coming From Inside the House: Stress, Injury, and Psychiatric Emergencies in Healthcare Professionals 00:30:00
Panel Discussion: Wellness 00:15:00
Flagging dangerous patients, does it work? 00:20:00
Validation and Implementation of a Brief Violence Risk Screening in the Emergency Department 00:16:00
Panel Discussion: Violence Risk 00:15:00
ACEP’s Vision for Mental Health 00:30:00
Mental Health Boarding 00:21:00
Panel Discussion: Boarding 00:09:00
Children in Crisis: Analyzing Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) Data on Pediatric Psychiatric Presentations 00:20:00
Capturing Current Models and Practices in Child and Adolescent Emergency Psychiatry 00:17:00
Panel Discussion: Child/Adolescent 00:17:00
Addressing Intimate Partner Violence in Emergency Settings 00:21:00
Write A Better Paper 00:20:00
No Freudian Slip: Teaching and Utilizing Psychodynamic Principles in the Emergency Department 00:09:00
Mini-Didactics: An Approach to Clinical Training in the Emergency Psychiatric Setting 00:16:00
Closing Remarks 00:12:00
Clinical Track, 202203:19:00
Rare Disease Masked Behind Common Presentation: Toxic Leukoencephalopathy Up Close 00:15:00
So what about the chicken soup? 00:14:00
The Gun Talk 00:16:00
Management of Agitation During Pregnancy 00:20:00
“What’s in a Name?”: An Overview of the Troubling History, Misuse, and Current Science Surrounding the Diagnosis of “Excited Delirium” 00:20:00
Hyperactive Delirium With Severe Agitation in Emergency Settings 00:20:00
Neuropsychiatric Aspects of COVID-19 00:18:00
Coffee vs Haldol 00:21:00
Scientific Session: Agitation/Restraints/Inpt/Recidivism/Medical Mimickers 00:55:00
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