2019 NUBE Conference Recordings

10th Annual National Update on Behavioral Emergencies Conference (NUBE)
December 12 – 13, 2019

Scott Resort and Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona

The National Update on Behavioral Emergencies, or NUBE, is the only conference in the country to address the behavioral emergencies in the acute care setting including emergency departments and PESs. 

Over 40 session recordings and handouts are available, and most are only 15 minutes long.

For the full agenda, including session descriptions, click here.

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Course Details

Day 1 - View the Recordings Below08:00:00
Welcome/Opening Remarks - Day 1 at NUBE; Leslie Zun, MD, MBA 00:15:00
Influences on Generation Z Presentations to Emergency Services; Katrina Bozada 00:15:00
Welcome to the Jungle: Delivering Emergency Mental Health Treatment Behind the Scenes of a Reality TV Set; Jada Cade 00:15:00
Player 2 Has Entered the Game: A Case Report of Video Game Addiction Leading to a Psychiatric Emergency Room Visit; Shafi Lodhi, MD 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:15:00
Droperidol is Back: What about that QTc Interval Again?; Jon Cole 00:15:00
Dangers of Dextromethorphan Abuse: Illustrated through an Episode of Psychosis and Autoenucleation; Maryann Popiel, MD, CPE 00:15:00
Typical Versus Atypical Antipsychotics for the Emergency Department Management of Acute Agitation; Marc Martel, MD 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:15:00
Top Articles that You Need to Know: Detection and Treatment of OUD in the ED; Michael Wilson, MD, PhD, FAAEM, FACEP 00:15:00
Medication-Assisted Therapy Initiation in the Emergency Department; Jenny Koehl 00:15:00
It Takes A Village: Battling the Opioid Epidemic; Mitali Patnaik, MD, FAPA 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:15:00
KEYNOTE: It's Not Just Burnout; Owen Muir, MD 00:45:00
Beyond Emergency Departments: Innovations in Efficient, Person-Centered, Cost-Effective Emergency Psychiatric Care; Travis Atkinson 00:30:00
Should We Treat Suicide and Depression in the ED with Ketamine & Refer to Treatment?; Stephan Carlson, MD 00:30:00
Leveraging Digital Technologies, Suicide Science, and the Wisdom of People with Lived Experience to Super-Charge Care of Suicidal ED Patients at the Point of Need; Linda Dimeff, PhD 00:30:00
Creating Clarity on the Topics that Matter in Emergency Psychiatry: AAEP Guidelines Steering Committee; Wendy Ingram, PhD 00:30:00
Implementing Suicide Prevention in the ED: The Good, the Bad, and the Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals 15.01.01; Jennifer Peltzer-Jones, PsyD, RN 00:30:00
Dangerous Disorders; Kimberly Nordstrom, MD 00:30:00
New APA Resources Regarding Boarding of Mentally Ill Patients in Emergency Departments; Kimberly Nordstrom, MD 00:30:00
Scientific Session 00:30:00
Day 2 - View the Recordings Below07:00:00
Getting SMART: Closing the Medical Clearance Chasm; Seth Thomas, MD, FACEP 00:15:00
An Emergency Department Crisis Response Team Model: Safe, Efficient, and Compassionate; Sandra Scott, MD 00:15:00
Curious Crisis Management: Mentalizing In the Emergency Setting; Owen Muir, MD 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:15:00
Emergency Medicine Residents Need for Training in Psycho-Behavioral Conditions; Erin Dehon, PhD 00:15:00
Emergency Psychiatry Simulations in Post Graduate Medical Education; Rachel Grimminck 00:15:00
Cross-training Security Officers as Emergency Room Psychiatric Nursing Assistants to Decrease Violence and Improve Quality of Care; Lance Clemsen, MS, LISW 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:15:00
Essential Metacognitive Science for the Emergency Physician; Andrew Bazakis 00:15:00
Management of Borderline Personality Disorder in the Emergency Department; Victor Hong, MD 00:15:00
Update on AAEP Guidelines for Psychiatric Emergency Care; Margie Balfour, MD, PhD 00:15:00
Speaker Panel 00:10:00
Avoid Getting Sucker Punched: A Review of the Development, Implementation and Predictive Value of a Novel Two-Question Pediatric Agitation and Aggression Screener; Nasuh Malas, MD, MPH 00:25:00
The Development of a Novel Concept in Managing Patients in Crisis with Acute Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues, the Hennepin County Behavioral Health Center Triage; Marc Martel, MD 00:25:00
Integration of Services: ED/PES and Outpatient; Leslie Zun, MD, MBA 00:30:00
Hospital-based Psychiatric Emergency Programs vs Community Crisis Centers - Effects on ED Boarding; Scott Zeller, MD 00:30:00
Assessment and Treatment of Psychosis: Risk and Reward; David Pepper, MD 00:15:00
Effective Psychiatric Notes Despite Your EHR; Seth Powsner, MD 00:30:00
Beyond Warning: Reconsidering Duties to Third Parties in an Era of Targeted Violence; Jack Rozel, MD, MSL 00:30:00
Perception Precludes Preparedness for Psychiatric Emergencies; Carmen Black Parker, MD 00:30:00
Conference Wrap-up 00:30:00
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